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Internship @  D HELP HUB PVT LTD

Internship Integrated Learning ?
Software Engineer or Software Developers – Career change to Software Engineering. 

Mastering Software Engineering Course aims to produce industry-ready Graduates who have the knowledge, skills and experience to succeed.
For Whom: Diploma / HND / Undergraduate or Graduates or Post-Graduates Diploma / Masters  [ Software Engineering,  IT – Information Technology ,  Business Science, Physical Sciences , Computer Science or Technology ]  For More info

Software Engineering: The Internship Integrated Learning program, which equips graduates with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed in the workforce, is open to interns. You have the ability to manage difficult tasks.

How to Apply for an Internship ?

  • email your updated cv*** with Skills, projects done, date of birth and  permanent address / (permanent / temporary address)  to [email protected] 
  • In the email indicate the expected Internship allowance and the possibility when you are able to commence onsite internship if selected.
  • Shortlisted applicants, will be contacted within 48 hours upon receiving the CV via website or email ( [email protected] or  [email protected] ).
  • If you have emailed your cv please do not resend it again.
  • Please do not WhatsApp your CV or call us or message us using social media about the vacancies, if you have any question please email.

Why Onsite and why do you we take interns who are close proximity to Moratuwa :

Onsite :
We as a company, is very concerned about the privacy and confidentiality of our clients details and data security, hence we need interns who will work on site on our own computers. Working from home on real-time projects will risk clients details and data security. The first few weeks will be training sessions and then they are allocated real-time coding projects of clients which is confidential.

Close proximity :
Eliminates long hours of travelling. Interns will be punctual and concentration of the job is more effective.

Duration of Internship :
Six to eighteen months.

Working Days :
Interns training is  five (5) day per week. Intern training days may include Saturdays and Sundays as well covering five days for that week.

Working Hours : 
Flexible hours are available : 8.00 am to 5 pm or or 9am to 6pm or 11 am to 8 pm which will include lunch break for one hour.

Internship Payments :
**Will be from LKR 12,500/- upto LKR 80,000/- depending on the technical knowledge and skill. (**For Sri Lankan On-Site Interns)

*If an intern performs well during training his/her allowance will be increased.

  1. Human Resources – Intern
  2. Sales and Marketing – Intern
  3. Account Executive – Intern
  4. Fashion designer –  Interns (for Intimate  Wear – Lingerie & Swimwear Designs (Contour fashions))

Leave during Internship :
Leave is given in the following manner : for examinations depending on the days, one day per month and for sick leave a valid medical certificate has to be produced. Prior approval is required for examination leave or personal reasons.

Company Confidentiality :
Each Intern will have to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement with the company as we do not publish client port folios or their projects on our website.  Interns are required to refrain from sharing any information about the projects or source codes or company information or clients’ information to any third party or person or organization. Interns are not allowed to bring in any electronic devices where they can take information like projects, source codes etc. . All information should be kept highly confidential.

PM, BA, QA, Software Engineers / developers and management vacancies (Internships) we recommended if you can create your own cv and send it will be added advantage.   (We do not recommend using free templates.)

– Be Creative – Unique – Simple –

Directions to D help hub from Moratuwa railway station, St Sebastian's Church & bus-halt
Directions to D Help Hub from Moratuwa Railway Station, St Sebastian’s Church Moratuwa & bus halt

Location : about 1.2 KM from Moratuwa St Sebastian’s Church or about 1.3Km from Moratuwa Railway Station. – About 14 Minutes Walk – Land Side


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