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D HELP HUB Private Limited

Our team consist of individuals who have gained experience from the industry and expertise in Custom Software Development, some over 25 years of experience developing software for both local and international markets -- mainly U.K. USA, France, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Software Development

We are software company in Sri Lanka that provide bespoke ( custom-made ) software development which enables businesses to generate more profit.

Mobile Apps Development

We have has extensive experience in creating high performance feature packed native mobile applications for all major mobile platforms including Android and IOS.

Branding - Advertising - Digital Marketing

We are advertising agency and creative digital marketing company with a specific focus on developing websites that convert visitors into valuable clients.

We understand the commercial needs of modern businesses and how custom software can be used to improve performance and profitability. We can provide you our development services whether you need eCommerce solutions, content management system, custom programming or the creation of new software-based products. Starting with review of the clients' business process, we develop business solutions that integrate seamlessly with any existing systems and rapidly enhance your potential to perform.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP
  • Human resource management system
  • Content Management System – CMS
  • Customer relationship management – CRM
  • Learning Management Systems - LMS
  • Banking & Financial management
  • Point of Sales – POS

  • Inventory Software Solutions
  • Hotel Management software
  • Online Applications
  • Online Booking web-base system
  • Online Registration Apps
  • Online Invoice App

  • Management Systems
  • Payment Gateway
  • Shopping Cart
  • Pharmacy System
  • Hospital System
  • Distribution Software
  • SEO and SMM control panel

  • Accounting Software
  • Payroll / wages software
  • Finance – Asset Management System
  • Data Management software solution
  • Hire - Rental software


  • Business Process Outsourcing – BPO
  • Custom Software Development
  • eCommerce & B2B

Network Infrastructure

  • Shared Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • eMail mail box hosting Server
  • Domain Registration [.lk,,.net]


  • Consulting
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation – SEO
  • Social Media Marketing – SMM
  • Business Continuity Planning – BCP

Design & Branding

  • Web Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Media Solutions
  • Corporate Publications & Presentations