D HELP HUB (Ptv) Ltd, provider of benchmark software, mobile app development, information technology solutions and business solutions. Driven by a visionary leadership team, a talented pool of designers, developers and futurists. we are excited about the world wide web and what it can do for business and people. Our principal focus of offering reliable, industry-leading expertise in business software solutions. We challenge the status quo of the industry each day.
Our management team is with over 28 years of industry experience (from 1993 using GWBASIC, dBase III+, FoxBASE, FoxPROPascal, RDMS, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Access, Visual Basic etc..) – ( C# .Net, PHP, Java, Python etc..) at present is serving US, France, Australia, Singapore, India and Sri Lankan client base. We are excited and passionate about Software and what it can do for business. We ensure flexibility and transparency in an adaptive Agile environment, enabling our customers to receive best-in-class, powerful and smart software solutions including ERP soluntions, BPO Service, eCommerce Solutions, web designing & hosting, SEO services and through our main development center in Sri Lanka.